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Welcome to my Website of Energy Healing


Let this Year allow you to enjoy good Health to the fullest. If not take responsibility for your Health in your own Hands and work for it....How? Well get rid of your emotional baggage for example and much more. Do not push it into the future, get rid of it now !!! How? Well get in touch with me and let me guide you back to Health and Well Being. This is Your Birth Right. So reclaim What is Yours.

Please check the Portuguese Site for the latest course. Namasté to You....

This is the right website if you are looking for ENERGY HEALING....anything to do with Energy Healing also Distant Healing well as courses in PRANIC HEALING®       

 Do you suffer from Pain? Physical Pain, Chronic Pain? Invisible Pain deep inside you?

Trauma ?

Have you tried everything and nothing has worked so far?

Are you determined to get rid of his Pain?

Then here is HELP at your hand...You are not alone...I am here to help you and guide you to get rid of this Pain, to free YOURSELF from this pain Forever.


Nothing is impossible......

----> The only limit is our own mind with the limits it sets itself.....


New: Vitual Clinic - Online Consultations:

For details please contact:

---> Consultation online available

      +351 96 28 777 32

Consultations available in: Figueira da Foz, Tentúgal and LEIRIA.



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Twin Heart Meditation

On Skype : Saturdays - during lock-down @ 19.30....Register:

Tentúgal: Please check the Portuguese Site for latest update

---> next Meditation: every Thursday @ 7.30pm  <--- currently suspended

Figueira da Foz: 

---> last Tuesday of the month @ 7.30pm <--- currently suspended


---> currently suspended @ 7.30pm

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